Familiarity With Augmented Reality

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Man understands the world around him through his senses. The simultaneous combination of the real world and virtual images forms the concept of augmented reality. In augmented reality (AR), the original value of the existing reality is preserved and its sensitive information is covered by computer productions. In this way, a live physical representation is added, directly or indirectly, to the elements of the real world of people. Surrounding elements are mainly received by sensors and processed by computer. Then the computer productions are mixed with environmental elements with an interactive interface, so that it is perceived as a real world. Along with Augmented Reality (AR) technology, there is Virtual Reality (VR) technology. This technology interacts by creating a virtual environment in front of the user’s eyes and based on the movement of the head and body of that virtual environment.

In other words, when a person installs a virtual reality (VR) headset on his head, he observes an environment that changes based on his body position, and the human mind accepts after a while that he is in a real environment. A virtual reality environment is created in a virtual reality headset by its dedicated applications. In addition, by using other gadgets, other senses can be influenced to create a more complete experience for the user by integrating different emotions. Virtual reality (VR) technology content can be in two forms: 360-degree content or simulation.

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