Simoto Race Plus One LCD Model

Simoto Race Plus is a car game simulator

Simoto Race Plus One LCD Model

This series of Simoto games has exactly the same specifications as Reese’s Simotos, with the difference that its body is made of fiberglass and comes with some more commercial options.

Specifications of Cimoto Race:

Very accurate and innovative design of the metal structure and mechanical implementation to provide the best efficiency, stability and compatibility of movements

Building a very strong metal structure and taking into account the optimal distribution of forces so that you can enjoy the game and virtual reality with a sense of security!

Quality control and detailed testing of all used connections

User carrying capacity up to 110 kg

Standard chair model Reis with the ability to choose a catalog

Seat belt to increase user safety

Considering user safety points during use, entry and exit

Unique motion capability in standard degrees of freedom based on computer software

Equipped with a fast and powerful engine server to simulate real car movements

Acceleration control of speed and movement, with the ability to change coefficients

Ability to accurately calculate and implement the slope

The ability to apply vibratory properties

Ability to apply different filters according to age and physical limitations

The possibility of using LCD, three-dimensional screen and virtual reality glasses

The possibility of using more than 50 different games

The ability to connect to Shahrabazi card reader systems

Easy-to-use management panel stand

Easy to carry and install the chassis

Perfect movement of the structure in all the mentioned directions with minimum oscillation and inertia

Can be used in both manual and automatic gear modes

It has a very comfortable Logitech J29 steering wheel with high maneuverability

Adjustable telescopic steering wheel

Educational and recreational usability

One-year warranty and five-year after-sales service


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