Simoto Race Metal 3Monitor model

Race Metal simulator is a very exciting and attractive game that takes the user to the game environment and has at least compatibility with reality


This product needs more safety area for deployment and this should be taken into account when calculating the user space. The chassis of this Simoto has been reinforced in the screen area. The graphics and computer selected for this product are also selected with higher specifications. Therefore, the image closer to reality will be experienced by the driver. This mod, while having all the features of Simoto Reis, has a three-dimensional screen.

Race Metal simulator is a very exciting game that until a few years ago, no one could believe that by sitting on a safe seat, you can experience the exciting games of the world.

With the advancement of technology and virtual reality devices, these images became reality.

The Race Metal device has minimum adaptability and reliability. In the design of Race Metal, most of the settings are done automatically

Steel body
The most economical example of Simumoto emulators
The possibility of connecting to the network and setting up group competitions
Optimum power and lifespan
The closest experience to reality
High graphics and advanced software system
Reinforcement of the chassis in the screen area
Maximum compatibility with reality
The ability to connect to urban Martkhan systems


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