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Simoto roller caster plus model


The real roller coaster simulator of the Plus model


Simoto RC is a professional and specialized simulator for one to three people for all famous roller coasters in the world and any roller coaster designed by its special editor software. This simulator goes through all the designed routes with high accuracy and implements any parameters of light, weather, moving and fixed objects, custom sounds, etc. according to editable designs. In the simulator provided with this product, there is the ability to generate various paths and scenarios with custom themes. This feature makes Simoto RC an unrivaled product compared to similar examples, because there is no limit to the number of contents provided, and even the possibility of creating customized routes based on customer needs is considered.

Another important feature of this popular product is the ability to use it for all age groups, without the need to be familiar with virtual reality and games. Because this product manages all events automatically without the intervention of the operator and passengers.

Appearance specifications:

Fiberglass and metal body, beautiful lighting, leather upholstery, Rays chair, standard accordion with long lifespan, control panel with standard technical and control requirements, roller coaster control panel simulator

Technical Specifications :

This product is produced in three models, one, two and three people. Each of these models has virtual reality glasses and a sound system.

The use of servo motors from 750 watts to 2 kilowatts and a creative mechanism with the ability to create maximum range of motion in a limited area and suitable for permanent work in amusement parks.

The platform of this product is produced based on optimal software modeling, which includes all conditions of performance, maintenance and long life in the manufacturing process. It has a sound system, a wind simulator and its control in the control panel

The maintenance cost of this product is low, and if any software problem occurs, it can be fixed remotely. Hardware problems can be fixed by technical people with little experience, and even if there are basic problems in a part, it is possible to change the part by opening a few screws.

It has a built-in fault finder, the ability to simulate all the famous roller coasters in the world, tunnels of terror, routes through theme parks and maximum matching of movement and virtual reality images to avoid any virtual reality dizziness, the ability to change motion settings through Internal software to achieve the desired simulation according to the requests and needs of customers.












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