Simoto Roller Caster Plus Model

The real roller coaster simulator of the Plus model

Real roller coaster simulator

Setting up a modern roller coaster may cost up to 100 million dollars, on the other hand, if we don’t worry too much about the possible risks ahead, the round-the-clock maintenance service will certainly cost a lot. Fortunately, today, with the help of simulators and virtual reality, it is possible to experience roller coasters with minimal cost and risk. Now, with the help of technology, you will be able to experience several different roller coasters with different motion characteristics in an indoor space. Also, it is possible to change the theme of the weather roller coaster and the objects around it by engineers to experience the maximum possible pleasure, long life, low maintenance cost, and the possibility of upgrading modular hardware and software are other prominent and distinctive features of Simoto, believing that the simulator How exciting and close to reality roller coasters can be, only until you experience the Simuto roller coaster!

Roller caster specifications

It has two HTC vive virtual reality glasses
The movement range of x, y axes and more than 400 mm
Stop, continue and change speed online and simultaneously with virtual reality
The modular structure of the device implementation with low installation, service and maintenance cost
Ability to create a new route and edit previous routes
Weather changes include snow, rain, wind, fog, and day and night
Changing the type of train and rail
Adjust the movement profile according to the passengers

Roller coaster software

Ability to create a new route and edit previous routes

Inserting static and moving objects to add excitement to the roller coaster

Using advertising symbols and objects that will be visible to passengers

Adding different sounds in the roller coaster that can create more excitement for guidance and explanation for passengers (safety tips, training and route explanations)

Weather changes including snow, rain, wind, fog and day and night

Change the type of train


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