Simoto VR Gatling

Simoto VR Gatling simulation war game

  • Mashine Gune Base
  • With HTC VIVE glasses
  • single player game
  • Voice support
  • Network gaming capability
  • 49 inch monitor
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Machine gun simulator Simoto Gatling

Machine Gun Simulator is a first-person shooting game. In this game, one or two people face successive waves of enemies and pass the stages if successful. In addition, Simoto has created two special game versions for this birthday product, one of which is for children. The beautiful and impressive design of the machine gun simulator creates a real feeling of playing and shooting when experiencing virtual reality. In the design and production of this product, all necessary standards of safety and enhancing the attractiveness of the game have been included. The sound system, screen, trackers and game handles are built in such a way that the operator and other people watching the game have a better reception of the sound and image of the game.

Appearance specifications:

The body is made of CNC metal and 3D printed parts, beautiful lighting, safe rotation mechanism, standard handles with the ability to hold glasses handles, electrostatic paint with long life, modules that can be assembled and disassembled, decorative three-sided plates. , sound system and distinctive box for storing machine gun accessories

Technical Specifications :

The machine gun simulator has a safe rotating mechanism, standard bases, an articulated gun holder with the ability to maneuver in all directions with low force, beautiful lighting and easy to use. The hardware of this product is produced based on optimal software modeling, which includes all conditions of performance, maintenance and long life in the manufacturing process. Also, in the design of the product, the necessary considerations to optimize the location of the handles, their charging method, the trigger, the sound system, the installation location of trackers and decor have been taken into account for the beauty and impact on the operator and others as much as possible.

The maintenance cost of this product is low, and any hardware problems can be fixed by technical people with little experience, and in most cases, parts can be replaced by opening a few screws.


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