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Simoto simbol virtual reality basketball


Simball is an innovative skill ball throwing game from Simoto based on the game of basketball. This product has been designed and produced for the first time for all age groups and in three competitive modes: individual, team and four. The placement of four basketball hoops, sensitive sensors for goal detection, exclusive software and a 43-inch Simball screen, with the help of animation and sound effects, have doubled the excitement and pleasure of the game. At first glance, the attractive appearance and lighting of this product invites the audience to throw the ball and challenge. The possibility of the losers continuing the competition by drawing a card again and returning to the game, as well as the attractiveness of the competition in successive stages, has made the revenue model of this device much more successful. In this device, it is possible to insert advertising text, change simple game settings and change sound effects.

Appearance specifications:

Metal body with electrostatic paint coating and MDF, beautiful lighting, standard installation of 43-inch screen, Allen bolt and nut connections with fast assembly and disassembly, sound system

Technical Specifications :

This product has a large screen and sound system. All connections and parts of this product can be easily repaired, serviced and maintained. The produced software has a complete menu to create the best game settings. Flower detection sensors have high accuracy and quality and low maintenance cost.

The maintenance cost of this product is low, and if any software problem occurs, it can be fixed remotely.


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