Types Of Simulation

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Types of simulations:

A simulator is a device, computer program, or system that displays a simulation. There are three common types of simulations:
1- LIVE: Simulation includes real people working with real systems.
Involve individuals or groups
May use real equipment
It should provide a similar context of operations
It should be close to the actual activity situation
2- VIRTUAL: Simulation includes real people who work with simulator systems. In fact, virtual simulations put humans at their core (HITL is modeling and simulation that requires humans to run) by practicing:
The skill of controlling the engine (flying an airplane, etc.)
Decision-making skills (committing fire control resources for operations, etc.)
Communication skills (membership in teams, etc.)
3- CONSTRUCTIVE: Simulation that includes simulated people who work with simulation systems. Real people can be drivers (create inputs) but do not play a role in determining outcomes. The simulation structure has the ability to:
Analyze concepts
Predict possible outcomes
Putting pressure on large organizations
Production of statistics and figures
Perform analysis

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