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Sanandaj - Industrial Town No. 1 Cooperative Street, the left side end

About us

Activity history

Design and production of industrial automation intelligent control systems and all kinds of professional simulators, including: racing car simulator, airplane, motorcycle, slide and sled, roller coaster, etc


Implementation of more than 48 telemetry and monitoring projects of water supply networks and production of 3 related innovative product samples
Implementation of more than 488 energy optimization projects in buildings and production of 8 related innovative product samples
Winning the title in the 11th Sheikh Bahai National Technological Festival
Winning the title of the national performance group of 2013
Winning the title of the best national entrepreneur of 2013
One of the top three units of the Zagros Festival in the sector of technological creation of the industry
Obtaining three scientific certificates from the National Elite Foundation

Registration of 70 national patent titles with confirmation and scientific research documentation in various control trends
Obtaining numerous titles of exemplary unit, top entrepreneur, selected researcher, etc. at the provincial level by the company’s personnel
Compilation of 4 titles of factory standards and 4 titles of self-declaration standards of innovative products
Obtaining the approval of the country’s fuel consumption optimization company based on the audit of 17 random projects
Obtaining confirmation from Jihad Agriculture and Poultry Farmers Union of the country

Selected as the top producer in Emtek International Amusement Park Industry Festival

Designing and producing all kinds of professional simulators (driving and flying)
Design and production of industrial automation
Production of 3D printers
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