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Simoto Flight VR model

Flight simulator without time and space limitations

Phoenix is ​​a standard, unique and innovative product for simulating virtual reality or multi-dimensional screen-based flight games. The body of this simulator is exclusively designed and produced by Simoto. The model and type of placement of the fins, the automatic mechanism of the movement of the fins and the jacked joystick have distinguished the beauty and usability of this simulator. Phoenix is ​​suitable for educational and entertainment uses. The experience of flying a fighter plane in a 5-minute time or more than 2 hours of piloting a passenger plane from take-off to landing is possible in this simulator.

Appearance specifications:

Fiberglass body, beautiful lighting, leather seat, jacked joystick, movable fins, standard accordion with long lifespan, control panel with standard technical and control requirements, special flight joystick

Technical Specifications :

This product has virtual reality glasses and a sound system. Its platform is produced in two and three axis models.

The use of 750 watt servo motors and a creative mechanism with the ability to create maximum range of motion in a limited area and suitable for permanent work in amusement parks.

The platform of this product is produced based on optimal software modeling, which includes all conditions of performance, maintenance and long life in the manufacturing process. Has a sound system.

The maintenance cost of this product is low, and if any software problem occurs, it can be fixed remotely. Hardware problems can be fixed by technical people with little experience, and even if there are basic problems in a part, it is possible to change the part by opening a few screws.

Built-in troubleshooter. With the ability to change parameters to create a better sense of simulation. The possibility of installing educational and flight simulator games





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