the Best Virtual Reality Glasses + Frequently Asked Questions

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You may also be wondering what kind of glasses are the best virtual reality glasses. Today, many manufacturers started producing virtual reality glasses, which have different qualities in terms of quality. Virtual reality glasses display a different experience from the virtual world due to their different quality. In this article, we want to describe the features of the best virtual reality glasses and explain about the best virtual reality glasses for computers and mobiles. If you intend to buy virtual reality tools, you can buy these tools from Simoto website with the best price and quality

The best virtual reality glasses

You must use virtual reality tools to enter the imaginary space of virtual reality. One of the most important virtual reality tools is virtual reality glasses. The best virtual reality glasses for the computer are glasses that do not irritate the eyes of users and have high quality at an affordable price.

Features and capabilities of the best virtual reality glasses

These glasses, which are wearable gadgets, have different functions. These devices are equipped with several sensors so that they can be easily controlled. They also have the ability to produce audio and visual outputs. Among the capabilities of virtual reality glasses, we can mention audio, microphone, computer processor, computer and human interface. In fact, these capabilities together can show us an extremely exciting experience of the virtual reality space that even we did not experience such an exciting space in our imagination. Also, by using virtual reality glasses, you can control the following things easily


Eye tracking

speech recognition


Gesture recognition

Remote control

بهترین مدل عینک VR

Interesting points about the best virtual reality glasses

You can use different lenses for your virtual reality glasses. It is also said that it is possible to use smart lenses with blue light filters that depend on the light conditions and prescription lenses. In fact, visually impaired people can use prescription lenses for their virtual reality glasses

Many smart glasses or virtual reality require a camera. Also, another example of virtual reality glasses have only audio capabilities and come without a camera. It depends on your needs and taste to buy virtual reality glasses with a camera or to go for virtual reality glasses that only have audio capabilities

One of the most sensitive parts of smart headsets is their display. Smart glasses have two main displays, one is a curved display and the other is a waveguide. The curved exhibition has transparent and bulky physical images and directly reflects light to the eyes of the users. Mandatory displays are one of the latest technologies, which we mention below

Holographic force

Virtual retina display

forced diffraction

reflexive imperative

هدست واقعیت مجازی چیست
Entertainment of virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality headsets provide you with exciting possibilities that you will be excited after entering the imaginary space of virtual reality. In the following, we explain the things that you can experience and have fun with VR glasses

When you enter the imaginary world of VR with the best virtual reality glasses, you can enter anywhere in this space that you are interested and curious about. Also, when you use virtual reality glasses during the game, you will feel that the players are real

You can watch movies in 3D using the best virtual reality glasses. Some virtual reality glasses can be used for music games; So you can move songs and listen to music in a 3D and interactive environment

The interesting thing you should know about using VR glasses is that you can learn useful educational lessons in a virtual environment. You can go on virtual trips and travel far away using virtual reality glasses. You can see any part of the world you are interested in using virtual reality glasses

Also, virtual reality headset or glasses create a great sports experience for you, so that you can work in your favorite sports environment, such as shooting or gym and boxing environments

بهترین عینک واقعیت مجازی برای کامپیوتر

In today’s life, technology makes significant progress day by day. If you look around you, you can see people who are immersed in 3D movies or computer games. Virtual reality tools such as the best virtual reality glasses for mobile or virtual reality headset are among the tools that you should buy to enter the imaginary world of VR. To buy virtual reality equipment, you can enter Simoto’s website and buy glasses according to your budget and needs from the store section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy the best virtual reality glasses at a low cost?

There are many companies that started producing virtual reality glasses with different prices and different capabilities. You can buy suitable virtual reality glasses at an affordable price from Simoto website.

What is the difference between virtual reality glasses and augmented reality glasses?

If we want to tell you the difference between virtual reality headset and augmented reality glasses, we say that all the elements of virtual reality or VR glasses are created by the computer, but some of the elements of the augmented reality glasses are not created by the computer and exist in the real world.

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