What is virtual reality? + Introduction of 4 VR equipments

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What is virtual reality? Have you ever thought about what VR means? Virtual reality is one of the advanced technologies that allows its users to enter a three-dimensional and interactive environment with virtual reality equipment and feel that they can really interact with people or objects in this three-dimensional space. have three-dimensional communication and interaction

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بازی های واقعیت مجازی

What is virtual reality and how does it work?

In the following, we will answer the question of what virtual reality is and how we should use it. VR can provide users with a real experience and the feeling of being in a 3D environment with sound, movement and image technology. Currently, this growing technology is used in many industries such as the medical industry, e-commerce, computer games and architectural design, etc. Users can have a wonderful and unique experience of the virtual world through virtual reality devices such as special VR glasses and headsets. Users can communicate and interact with people easily with VR. In fact, interactions mean watching concerts or sports events, experiencing travel to distant regions, or interactive games.It is interesting to know that this environment is completely controlled and safe. In response to the question of what virtual reality is, we say that it is a computer simulation technology that provides users with the interesting possibility to have a unique experience of an unreal space with equipped glasses and in such a way that they feel like they are really there. They have a physical presence in that place. Equipped glasses show the space in such a real way that the user feels that this place really exists. By simulating different environments, this technology has been able to create the experience of interacting with virtual objects and people for users. In the rest of the article, we will explain more about VR

منظور از واقعیت مجازی

How is the imaginary world and new experiences in VR?

Now that you have received the answer to the question of what is virtual reality, it is better to talk about interesting VR experiences. As a user who uses this technology, you can experience exciting and new experiences of the imaginary world and embark on an adventure in this imaginary world. When users enter VR, which simulates an unreal and separate world. From reality, they experience different feelings

They also get an experience of this unreal world, which is educational and scientific at the same time. In the continuation of the article What is VR, we want to take a look at its interesting history so that you have a better understanding of this position. It is interesting to know that in this unreal virtual space, geographic restrictions have no meaning for users. The function of VR or virtual reality technology is such that software and hardware tools must be used so that users can enter the virtual world with special equipment. In some cases, the unreal virtual world or VR becomes so real that the user cannot distinguish whether the space is real or virtual

؟ What are the types of virtual reality

Fully Immersive Simulation or fully floating reality

It is true that this space in which users are placed is completely unreal; But users do not experience this feeling when entering the unreal space of this technology. This virtual reality is mostly used for games and entertainment. Half Lafie Alyx is one of the famous VR games, which is considered one of the best and most entertaining games

Semi Immersive Simulation or semi-submerged reality

This type of VR is mostly used in the field of education. For example, semi-submersible reality is used for pilot training to simulate flight. Semi-floating reality requires various accessories such as joystick, headphones, etc

It is true that semi-submersible VR is used for training simulators and is simulated with the real world; But in this type of technology, people are fully aware of the difference between virtual reality and the real world

Non Immersive Simulation or non-floating reality

This type of virtual reality is common in people’s daily life. In fact, in this VR, users interact with a video game and are present in a physical environment. Users in this type of VR can be present in a physical environment at the same time and can interact in a virtual environment

ابزار های سخت افزاری واقعیت مجازی

What are virtual reality hardware tools?

To use the functionality of this technology, which is based on VR, you must use special tools such as the following hardware tools so that you can have an attractive VR experience. These devices are constantly being developed to make the VR experience more interesting for users

Hand controllers

VR glasses
VR gloves
Other VR accessories
Optical detectors
Wire gloves
3D mouse
Olfactory devices

? What are virtual reality software tools

Various software are used in VR, which can be mentioned as follows

:VR content management
This tool is used to analyze VR content and collect it in one place
:VR simulators
This software is mostly used in industries that train employees before entering the labor market
:Social platforms software
People can easily interact and communicate with each other remotely using this software.
:VR game engine
This tool is used for a virtual reality video game

:SDK software development kit
Sticker is used to build and design experimental VR experiences

عینک های واقعیت مجازی
What are the applications of virtual reality and how is it used in different industries?

What is virtual reality and what is its application in different industries? Virtual reality or VR has been used in various industries. Below are various examples of it

Cardi in the field of employee training

One of the most obvious applications of this advanced technology can be mentioned in basic training for employees in various industries. Virtual reality technology has created an opportunity for employers to use this technology to train employees


Application of virtual reality in tourism

Instead of seeing videos and pictures of hotels, users can easily use VR to check hotel facilities


Applied in the field of health

VR technology or virtual reality has many uses for doctors and patients as well as researchers. In fact, this technology is used to help patients suffering from anorexia and stress disorders. This technology is also used to teach crisis management at different times


Application in the military field

Virtual reality technology is one of the most valuable tools that is used to deal with events and to replace exercises and maneuvers in the military field. This technology can reduce heavy costs. It is also possible to quickly implement and change the scenario


Application in the field of entertainment and games

VR technology has been able to create a huge transformation in the entertainment industry. Technology has opened up in cinema and even Hollywood

Disadvantages of excessive use of VR

Now that you are familiar with the concept of virtual reality, it is better to know the disadvantages of using this technology too much. VR engages multiple human senses and places a person in a space that may cause challenges. In addition to having many advantages for various industries and people, virtual reality also entertains them at some point of time, it can also have many disadvantages. The following can be mentioned

Lack of social and human communication
Users who are addicted to VR may not be able to establish real social interaction with people. With the loss of social and human connection, the feeling of separation and distance from the society and depression in these people increases greatly

Health problems caused by virtual reality
If you use VR extensively and continuously, you will experience dizziness, nausea and stress

Rising costs
VR tools may not be expensive for some people; But it does not mean that all people have the necessary budget to buy this tool; Rather, it is very difficult to buy this tool considering their small budget

Addiction and psychological problems
Many users may become addicted by using VR in social media platforms or games. These people may try to choose different identities for themselves, which can cause psychological, biological and social problems

وی آر یا VR
Using VR technology in businesses

Businesses can offer their services in a more differentiated and different way using advanced VR technology, because many customers are interested in using innovation. Virtual reality can be used in the retail industry to increase sales and attract customers. In fact, retail or business owners with proper planning can use this technology to improve their business


Continuation of the article What is virtual reality, we want to talk about their impact on business success. This advanced and innovative technology plays a very important role in businesses and can provide a new opportunity for business owners to expand the scope of their activities through this technology

shopping experience
Customers can use VR to have a dynamic presence at the point of sale and see the products with their own eyes. Customers can use the facilities provided by virtual reality to get to know the products before buying and make the right decision to buy. Companies and brands can use VR to make the shopping experience more attractive for customers than in-person shopping in order to increase sales

Product development and design
Business owners can develop and design their products in a completely virtual environment. In fact, this advanced technology helps engineers and product designers to accurately design the product virtually and fix its problems before production

Attracting customers and keeping them
Companies can offer customers a new and attractive experience so that they become familiar with the company’s services and products and become interested in them

Cooperation and communication of company employees
Different groups and teams can communicate with each other in virtual space and cooperation and interactions between them will increase

واقعیت مجازی یا وی آر


In this article, we gave a comprehensive answer to the question of what is virtual reality or what is VR, and we also gave examples of different applications of virtual reality. Due to the fact that VR is currently growing and evolving, various companies in Iran and other countries are active in the field of producing and selling VR products. Simoto is one of the leading companies in the VR industry. Considering the many uses of VR and the importance of its use, this technology is expected to experience a lot of progress in the near future. If you are interested in experiencing a virtual world in an extraordinary way, you can buy virtual reality equipment and products through the Simoto website

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