What is virtual reality glasses and introduction of 4 models

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Before you can read about virtual equipment and supplies. What is a virtual reality ? Ever wondered how virtual reality or VR glasses work and how they provide surround sound to the user.

Virtual reality glasses are made of new technology. When you put the glasses on your eyes and turn your head, your field of vision changes. In 2013, Google was able to produce the first virtual reality glasses. Since then, many companies started to buy all kinds of virtual reality glasses in different brands and capabilities. Virtual reality glasses can work properly with or without touch

قیمت عینک واقعیت مجازی

؟ What is the use of virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality glasses are used in various industries, we mention them below

in the military

In healthcare

In the fashion industry

in sport

in the media

In the entertainment industry

in education

in construction

in communication

in business

In cultural heritage

The virtual reality headset is also very useful in the treatment of fear or crime detection. Virtual reality glasses make it possible for people who have phobias and fear of different situations and conditions to deal with their fear and reduce their fear by being in that unreal place. It is also used in industries to simulate car performance. It is interesting to know that the virtual reality headset is used in the tourism industry to show the places that are going to be sold or rented. In addition to creating entertainment for people, virtual reality glasses can be efficient in various fields, including the tourist industry

عینک وی ار چیست

Classification of virtual reality glasses or headsets in terms of function

It has a dedicated screen inside to display images

Using a mobile phone to display images

Introducing the best virtual reality glasses for mobile

GEAR VR 2017

VR Shinecon 4


BOBO VR 2017

Important points when buying virtual reality glasses

Having a light weight headset

Since you are going to keep the virtual reality glasses on your head for a long time, it is better to choose glasses that are not heavy at first

The quality of the headset pads and cushions

When buying virtual reality glasses, you should choose glasses whose pads and elastic are compatible with your skin and feel comfortable when you put the headset on your head

Pay attention to the viewing angle

When buying a virtual reality headset, you should pay attention that the angle is not less than 100 degrees

Compatibility of the headset with the phone

After reading the headset information and making sure that it is compatible with your mobile phone, buy the headset

عینک واقعیت مجازی ارزان
؟ How do virtual reality glasses work

Virtual reality is a space simulated with the real world, which can be easily viewed using virtual reality glasses. With a virtual reality headset or glasses, see a simulated 3D space that cannot be compared to any 3D film or photo. In fact, a device is connected to these glasses or a headband display that allows us to view 3D photos and videos

The virtual reality headset uses 3D and 2D sound to improve the user’s experience of virtual reality and transmits the sounds to the user through the microphones installed in it. Also, this equipment is equipped with eye tracking

عینک واقعیت مجازی گوشی
Important things to know about virtual reality glasses

Only people over 13 years old are allowed to use virtual reality glasses

If you are using virtual reality glasses for the first time, be sure to have a family member of your friends with you

When you use virtual reality glasses, empty the space around you up to one meter

After you take off the virtual reality glasses, do not expose your mobile phone to strong sunlight, because it is possible that your mobile device will be damaged by focusing the light on your phone screen

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عینک واقعیت مجازی

In this article, we explained to you what virtual reality glasses are and how they are used. We also provided interesting explanations about its applications in various industries. Simoto is a simulator industry group that offers a variety of virtual reality equipment. If you want to buy virtual reality equipment

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